20 Blogs with the Best Tips for New Middle Schoolers

boyhomeworkYou and your child have managed to survive and hopefully thrive during the elementary school years, which makes the next big hurdle to tackle middle school. Along with that transition will come new challenges, opportunities and potential problems. If you’re wondering what you and your child may encounter and how to deal with it, check out these 20 blog posts.

Challenges of Homework

The increase in homework in middle school can be very stressful for a new 6th grader.  Make sure that your child has a designated time and place to do his homework.  Work with your child on his time management skills so that he can keep up with the assignments that he has and complete them on time.  These five blog entries explore different tips to help your child with homework.

Getting Organized

Many times middle schoolers will have trouble keeping up with worksheets, notebooks and other assignments.  When your child sits down to start his homework he needs to have the supplies as well as the correct text book and schoolwork to complete the assignment.  In these five blog articles you can read about tips to help your middle schooler get and stay organized.  These skills will not only help your child in middle school, but will continue to help him in high school and beyond.


All kids will probably experience some sort of bullying in their life, but how they react to it is what will make the difference.  Ignoring a bully is often the advice given, and in some cases it might work, but your child needs to know that whatever the bully is doing is not acceptable.  If kids don’t tolerate the actions of a bully, the bully will be forced to stop bullying.  For more tips on dealing with a bully, read these five blog posts.

Internet Safety

Now that your child is in middle school he will be using the Internet more for school work and for socializing with his friends. Internet safety is a huge concern these days.  Make sure that your child knows what your rules are for using the Internet.  Keep the computer in a public area of your home so that you can walk by and see what your child is doing at any time.  To learn more tips for keeping your child safe on the Internet, check out these five blog articles.

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