28 Blogs with Organizational Tips for a Stress-Free First Day of School

childfirstdaySummertime lends itself to lazy days of going to bed late and sleeping in, but those days never last, and before you know it the first day of school will be right around the corner. School mornings can be stressful and hectic if you are not organized and prepared, however, there are strategies you can employ that will keep your mornings calm and efficient.  Start getting organized now so that the first morning of school has everyone in smiles instead of tears.  These 28 blogs will share some helpful organizational tips.

Night Before Prep

Do as much as you can the night before.  Make sure that the kids take baths or showers at night. Ask the kids to lay out their clothes, pick out what they want for lunch and anything else you can think of that will ease the chaos in the morning.  These bloggers have experienced the chaos and have come up with tips that they can share with you.

No-Stress Breakfast Ideas

If you can, set the table for breakfast the night before.  Create a shelf in your pantry that is full of healthy breakfast choices that the kids can choose for themselves. Prep fruit the night before so that it will be ready and waiting in the refrigerator when the kids need it.  The more ways that the kids can be self-sufficient the better it is for everyone.  Check out these seven blog posts that contain more stress-free breakfast choices.

Morning Routine Chart

Sometimes kids forget what they need to do in the morning, but you can alleviate some of that forgetfulness by creating a morning routine chart that lists everything that needs done before leaving for school. These seven blogs have all sorts of ideas for morning routine charts that are sure to make your mornings easier.

Create a Backpack Station

A backpack station is a place where your kids can hang their backpacks when they get home at night.  All homework is removed and can be placed in a special place depending on how you organize your backpack station.  Once homework is done and you’ve checked it, the kids can put everything for the next day back into their backpacks.  When it’s time to go to school in the morning you will know exactly where the homework and the backpacks are, so there will be no last minute panic looking for something.  Take a look at these seven blog articles, which explain how to create your own backpack station to keep your kids and home organized.

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