21 of the Best Blogs Highlighting Methods for the Prevention and Treatment of Bug Bites this Summer

bugsprayThe arrival of warm weather means that you’re likely going to be spending more time outdoors, which also means your chances of getting bitten by bugs vastly increases. While it’s impossible to prevent every bug bite, there are a variety of ways you can ward off the majority of them. When bites are unavoidable, you’ll need an effective way to take away the pain and itch quickly. Check out these 21 blog articles to find solutions for bug bite prevention and treatment for both you and your favorite four-legged friend.

Preventing Bug Bites

Bugs are attracted to tight, dark clothing and strong fragrances, so it’s important to wear loose, light colored clothing and minimal perfume or deodorant. Mosquitoes, which are prevalent in the warmer weather, thrive on standing water, so make sure that you rid your yard of any standing water. You’ll also need some type of topical treatment to deter any bugs that aren’t put off by these preventative measures, and the following seven blog posts are full of different treatment ideas.

Treating Bug Bites

Typically, bug bites aren’t life threatening unless you are highly allergic, but that doesn’t make them any less of an irritating nuisance. Sometimes you can find some relief simply by applying some ice to the bite. There are many ways to treat the pain and itch of a bite, and you can find several methods for doing so in these seven blog entries.

Protecting Your Pets

Unfortunately, pets are not immune to bug bites and stings and they can have allergic reactions just like humans can.  What pets can’t do is prevent these bites or treat them after they happen to prevent infection, which is where the owners come in. There are pet-friendly topical sprays that are safe to use on your pet to keep bugs away. If your pet has already been bitten, use these seven blog posts to find treatments and remedies that will provide them with some relief.

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