30 Blogs Sharing Tips for Throwing a Mickey Mouse Themed Party on a Budget

Meeska, Mouska, Mickey Mouse! Thanks to Disney for bringing back the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so another generation can enjoy Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and all of their friends every day on television. Don’t be surprised when the love of the mouse prompts your kids to want to have a Mickey Mouse themed party. From invitations to decorations to kid-friendly foods and games, there’s no shortage of ways you can bring Mickey Mouse to life during a party! These 30 blogs will show you how to accomplish all of these tasks.


Mickey’s silhouette and his trademark red shorts with yellow buttons are easily recognizable, which make them the perfect outline for a party invitation. Take a look at these six blog entries to get the step-by-step instructions for making your own Mickey Mouse invitations.


Red, white and black are traditionally the colors used when putting together a Mickey Mouse party, and you can use these colors as the basis for your decorations. Of course, Mickey has gone on many adventures, so you can also tie in more than one interest when decorating for the party.  These six how-to blog posts will get you started on party decorations.


Labeling the food with clever Mickey inspired names will add that much more fun to your food table.  The easiest item of all is the Hot Diggety Dog song that allows you to serve a kid favorite of hot dogs or cocktail wieners.  For more inspiring food ideas read through these six blog entries.


What party would be complete without games and activities?  You can put together a craft table for older kids and tweak some traditional games for younger ones. For instance, instead of playing Duck-Duck-Goose, you can play Mickey-Mickey-Mouse. These six blog articles have tons of clever games you can play at your child’s party.

Party Favors

Once the party is over you will want to send your young party guests home with a little memento or favor bag.  To find some creative ideas on how to tie in the bags and boxes to the theme look through these six blog posts.

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