Your Responsibilities as a Live-in Nanny Employer

Having a live-in nanny is a very unique experience. Your nanny is your employee, yet she lives and works in your home too. The line between the personal and professional relationship is easily blurred and it’s hard to find and keep a comfortable … [Continue reading]

How to Help Your Child Adjust to Wearing Glasses

There are lots of reasons why kids can be reluctant to wear the glasses they need in order to see clearly. Glasses are easily lost, can get in the way during active play and are easy to forget when they're still new. It's also not easy to adjust to … [Continue reading]

10 Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities for New Moms

Until you get used to the changes, being a new mom can wear you out. It can also make working outside of the home a bit more difficult than you expected. Many mothers are very creative and entrepreneurial with their new found time at home, and revel … [Continue reading]

10 Reasons Christian Parents Should Enroll Their Kids in Christian School

Raising children is difficult enough, especially when you're committed to instilling Christian values in a world that seems increasingly less respectful of such views. Public schools are federally mandated to be free of religious instruction, and … [Continue reading]

How to Encourage Cooperation in Preschoolers

Parents often dread the Terrible Twos and feel a sense of relief once their kids get past that stage. Unfortunately, many parents find the same challenges happening with their preschoolers too. Children at this age are still struggling with … [Continue reading]

Why It’s Okay for Kids to Not Get What They Want

From the moment you become a parent, all you want is to love, protect and provide for your children. You want them to have more than you had, regardless of how your childhood might have been. It's both normal and natural to want to provide a better … [Continue reading]